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Ramco Human Capital Management

Looking to change your out of date, expensive to run, inflexible human resource management system or payroll solution that just pays your people?  Consider Ramco Systems Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll Solutions that provide you a major advantage to manage your most important asset in your business – your people.  

Over 20 years of evolution, Ramco have built the best HR and Payroll software solution that covers every element of people management.  Major global organisations such as General Electric, Seagate Electronics, Avaya Systems, Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels, Adecco Personnel managers with 150,000 employees, and recently Panasonic in Malaysia with 20,000 employees agreed too and have implemented the Ramco HCM solution for their workforce’s across the globe in multiple countries, in just one integrated system.

Ramco Systems HCM solution was noted in the “Achiever” quadrant in the Everest Group’s Multi Country Payroll Platform report and has a growing honor role of awards.

HCM and Payroll Features

Ramco Systems HCM Solution covers five key modules.  Core HR, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Talent Management and Recruitment that enables business to manage the full life cycle of their employees from the day they apply for a position through to the day they leave.  Powerful features such as out of the box compliance and advanced reporting, workforce analytics, workforce and succession planning provide valuable insights to managers.

All of the modules in the HCM solution are accessible on the HTML5 web enabled platform connecting to MS SQL database, hosted on Amazon Web Services at locations across the world to suit where you company works.  Like all things at Ramco, it’s built to be efficient and it works.

Employee and Manager Mobility – Any Device, Any Place

In these days of mobile connected workforce working anywhere across the globe or in your local neighborhood, Ramco delivers employee and manager self service user platforms on all HTML5 enabled Internet browsers and web enabled popular mobile smartphone and tablet platforms through the Ramco App on Apple and Android platforms.  Just log in on your smartphone and submit your time sheet, lodge your expenses, request leave, view your last payslip, book into a training course, all a thumb click away.

QiK Implementation In Under 3 months

It just took 19 days to build a 57-storey skyscraper in China.  Imagine, such time-taking tasks are moving at a puma speed. Then technology should stay ahead in this list.  

Ramco QiK – a next-gen implementation methodology is here to cut short the implementation time.  Make implementation easier and shorter as Ramco QiK takes a leap towards being more comprehensive.

It is possible to fully implement your Ramco HCM System within 2-3 months from contract signing.  Cloud provisioning, expert consultants armed with a library of questions to common business processes working by your side and your answers to requirements gathering questions are instantly uploaded and configured to your Ramco HCM instance ready to start testing.  Believe – it’s true!

And the Bots to Cap It Off

With artificial intelligence revolutionizing the enterprise space, Ramco Systems, with its innovative offering, is at the forefront of this evolution. Find out more about how we bring Bots, Predictive Capabilities, Time saving efficiency and more to ERP, HCM and Aviation businesses.

MSP Solutions can demonstrate the Bots in action and how their emergence will take the user to a cognitive era, what it means for the efficiency of your businesses.


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MSP Solutions and Ramco run regular webinar sessions to deliver more information with the last webinar attracting 50+ participants.

Contact our Account Management team for your invitation to attend the next webinar or receive our latest whitepaper which explores how a Conversational Interface, enabled by Chatbots combined with the HCM solution is creating a ripple effect in driving technology innovation and significant business value.  Contact Us