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Ramco Rise of the Bots

The Bots are here and working at Ramco – Are you ready?

Blue collar industries have been taking advantage of robotics in vehicle and electronics manufacturing, science and space technology for decades, but what about white collar productivity?  This has not improved because the tools of email, chat and the internet have been a distraction & not an enabler.

Do you know, 6 of the top 10 apps in App Store are messaging apps? This data gives a clear indication of rise of Conversations as a Platform (CaaP) making “ChatBot” the next frontier of technology.

With artificial intelligence revolutionizing the enterprise space, Ramco Systems, with its innovative offering, is at the forefront of this evolution. Find out more about how we bring Bots, Predictive Capabilities, Time saving efficiency and more to ERP, HCM and Aviation businesses.

MSP Solutions can demonstrate the Bots in action and how their emergence will take the user to a cognitive era, what it means for the efficiency of your businesses.

MSP Solutions and Ramco run regular webinar sessions to deliver more information with the last webinar attracting 50+ participants.

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