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About MSP Solutions

MSP Technology Solutions are a Western Australian owned and operated technology services company founded in 2014. MSP specialise in project management and managed services consulting.

MSP provide best value for money and efficient services to a quality guarantee. We provide qualified and experienced people and have access to a ready pool of capable people from our long standing associations and reputation within the industry.

We are based in Perth, however provide services to all locations across Australia.

Our Purpose

MSP provides customers in Western Australia with outstanding information technology related services. Our customers can be confident in our integrity in delivering those services and our people can be proud of our organisation.

Our Partnerships

It’s important to work with products and vendors you can trust and know you can leverage in times of urgent need.  MSP act as a vendor independent consultancy, therefore we carefully select our recommendations based upon a long history and experience in ICT.  Our vendor associations are all corporate commercial grade, not the bargain consumer services from the department stores, and small retailers.  This gives you the best value product, longest warranties and locks in parts availability, local support and longevity of your investment in technology.

Our Vision

To be recognised and admired for being progressive, ethical and successful on behalf of our customers, by constantly innovating and enhancing the way that information technology services is transacted.

To provide a positive and supportive work environment in which our people can develop and grow, and enthusiastically give back to and participate in the communities we serve.

Our Cornerstone Values

We listen – We don’t talk at you

We focus on solutions – We don’t focus on obstacles

We are honest – We don’t make false promises

We do what we say – We don’t make excuses

We go the extra mile – We don’t do “average”

We work together – We don’t achieve alone

We are upfront & say it as it is – We don’t lie